Tuesday, June 28, 2011

One Love, One Lifetime - Chapter 6

January 1

Erik growled low and captured her lips in a soul-stealing kiss. He’d make her forget everything but their love and passion.

Alex surrendered eagerly to his talented lips in hopes of another glorious night in his bed. He kissed his way down her neck to nibble her shoulder and whisper softly against her skin. “I want to see you, mon amour, wearing nothing but the jewelry you have on now; I want to see your gorgeous hair spread out upon my pillow as you whisper my name in passion. I want to touch and taste every inch of your beautiful body and give you such pleasure that you weep from it.”

She moaned her approval of his erotic words. Good God, he was going to make her forget her own name at this rate. Reaching under her voluminous ball gown, he tugged sharply on the lacy panties breaking the string-like band. Erik captured her mouth, his tongue darting in to taste her at the same time his fingers slid deep inside her. God, she was so wet and eager for his touch. Both moaned at the contact they’d been denied for so long. Tongue and fingers moved in rhythm as he urged her on to ecstasy. When he felt her stiffening in his arms, her breath coming in desperate gasps, he whispered his encouragement, begged her to let go. Kissing her deeply once more, he muffled her scream with his mouth as he felt her tight muscles contracting around his fingers. He gradually slowed his strokes to more gentle caresses as Alex came down from her orgasmic high. With a whimper of protest when he removed his hand from her body, she collapsed, drowsy and sated, against his chest. Smoothing her skirts, Erik wrapped both his arms around his love and held her close to his heart.

“God, Erik,” Alex’s voice was barely a whisper against his neck, “I…you…oh God.” Another shudder shook her frame and, at a loss for words, she merely kissed his neck gently as he stroked her hair.

“I do hope I accomplished my goal, mon amour,” his voice was hoarse with his own barely contained need. “Be aware, however, that is but a sample of what is to come when we arrive home.” She chuckled softly and nibbled her way up his neck to lick his ear.

“I’m not sure I can survive more, love,” Alex dared to run teasing fingers over the hard bulge that pressed against her thigh, “but it looks like you can.”

“Alexandra…” Erik laid his head back on the seat with a groan as her fingernails scraped him through the material. “Do you know what you’re doing to me, my fiery little minx? If you don’t stop…”

His beautiful voice caught in his throat at the sound of the zipper slowly opening. When his manhood was finally freed of the painful constriction of his trousers, it was hard, throbbing, and eager for her touch. Erik barely kept from embarrassing himself when her small hands closed around his painfully throbbing shaft. His fingers left her hair to grip the edge of the seat when she slid from his lap to the floor. Her pale green eyes, made almost emerald with desire, locked onto his molten amber ones as she ran her tongue slowly up the length of him. The groan that left his golden throat brought heat to her body to know that she was pleasuring him as much as he had pleasured her.

Erik couldn’t believe just how beautiful and erotic she looked as her lips and hands worshiped his aching member. He knew he wouldn’t be able to last long if she didn’t stop. Her seductive smile as she ran her tongue over the smooth skin nearly made him lose what little control he had left. She knew exactly what she was doing to him, the little tease. With a low growl, he grabbed Alex’s waist and pulled her harshly to his lap. Shoving aside her many skirts, he quickly sat her astride his thighs and impaled her in one smooth motion. He could feel the bite of her nails even through his thick costume as she whimpered at the sudden invasion. And then she began to move. Holy hell, was there anything more erotic than watching a woman riding her man to her ultimate pleasure? He could only watch for a few moments before his control shattered beneath her impassioned cries. Aroused to the point of madness, Erik gripped her hips and held her still as he thrust almost viciously into her warm body. When she leaned back, he released one of her hips and slipped his hand under her skirts to tease the super-sensitive bud that lay at the center of her womanly pleasure.

“Now, Alexandra!” His beautiful voice was strained but commanding. “Come for me, mon amour.” His touch, his voice, and the relentless thrusts of his demanding shaft caused an explosion of pleasure so intense that Alex sobbed his name. It was so much, too much. With a roar, he brought her savagely down on his thick shaft until he, too, reached the ultimate peak.

Weak, shaking, and with her skin hyper-sensitive, Alex curled up against his chest and wept from more love and passion than she could hold inside. Erik stroked her hair and back with a trembling hand, planting small kisses on the crown of her head as he, too, sought to calm his raging emotions. After many long, quiet minutes of trying to steady their breathing, a tiny giggle from the red-haired beauty who still sat astride his flagging manhood had Erik tilting her chin up to his questioning gaze. When he saw that her cheeks were nearly as red as the rubies in her jewelry, he tilted his head and raised his brows in enquiry. He almost missed her soft, embarrassed whisper.

“Do you think…the driver heard?” Stroking her reddened cheek, he grinned at her question.

“Alexandra, mon amour, do you want the truth or do you want me to salvage your pride?” With a squeak of embarrassment, she scrambled off his lap (much to his dismay) and made an attempt to straighten her skirts and hair. Erik, on the other hand, took his time adjusting himself and fastening his trousers. When the limo pulled up to the house and the driver opened the door, Alex’s face flamed again. She did not want to look at the driver or she might simply die of embarrassment. With a chuckle, Erik stepped out and swept her into his arms, into the house, and towards the stairs to his bedroom.


It took them a while to actually make it to his bedroom. Their first delay was against the front door where Erik pinned her while wrestling the skirts off her body. When Alex wrapped her legs around his waist and returned his heated kisses with enthusiasm, he unzipped his trousers and released his aching manhood to bury it deep inside her warm, intoxicating body. It was fast and explosive and pure heaven. Remaining inside her, Erik carried her up the stairs as his fingers worked at the laces of her bodice. He discarded the offending material carelessly and lowered his mouth to one rock hard nipple. Alex’s guttural moan set his very blood aflame and he felt himself hardening once more. Would he ever grow tired of having her? With a growl of animalistic desire, he feverishly removed the rest of her clothing as they stumbled the rest of the way to his room. He undressed in record time and quickly buried himself in her warm, wet body once more. Their coupling was heated, rushed, and nearly violent in its intensity.

“Mmm…mine,” As they drifted down from the exhilaration of their lovemaking, Alex’s soft voice was little more than a drowsy whisper against his bare neck.

“As you are mine, mon amour,” Erik laid a light kiss on her forehead, brushing her damp hair from her eyes. “I do believe, however, that you are missing a piece of the jewelry set I purchased for you.” His glowing golden eyes betrayed just the barest hint of his nervousness as he watched her check the earrings, necklace, and bracelet she still wore.

“Oh no! Wait…what do you mean, Erik? They’re all here.”

Reaching under his pillow, his hand shook as it closed on the ring he’d hidden there before leaving for the ball. He rose to one elbow to gaze lovingly down at this woman who’d made him whole once more. Erik kept the ring hidden as he ran a gentle finger along the line of her jaw, down her neck, across one delectable breast, and to her left hand. His voice shook as he slid the ring onto her finger. “You’re missing the ring, mon amour.”

“Erik?” Alex’s eyes widened as she felt the cold metal slide over her finger. Was this what she thought it was? Please God, yes.

“I love you, ma petite chère,” he lifted her hand to his lips to place a kiss just below the ring that sparkled there. “I think I have since that first day in the Library when you quickly put me in my place. You understand my music, stand up to my temper, and even seem to accept my horror of a face. You fill my heart with laughter and my bed with passion and love and I would be honored if you would agree to share a home, a love, a lifetime with me.” Erik gazed down at the woman who could bring him misery or ecstasy with her next words and didn’t even try to hide the fear in his eyes. “Be my wife, Alexandra?”

“Oh God, yes!” Tears of joy were rolling down her cheeks as she brought their joined hands closer so she could return his sweet caress on his own elegant fingers. “I knew you were something special the moment I met you, my love. You are so talented, so intelligent, and so incredibly sexy that I wanted you with a desperation that unnerved me. You drew me to you like a flame does a moth and oh how I gloried in the burn. To share a lifetime with you wouldn’t be nearly long enough but it will have to do for now.”

Tears and laughter mingled together as they sealed their vow with happy kisses. Alex desperately wished to see the ring, however, and pulled away to sit up and switch on the bedside lamp. Erik sat up to lean back against the headboard and watched her with a smile. Her jaw dropped to see the bedroom filled with bouquets of roses on every conceivable surface. Even the bed was covered in petals that, in their enthusiasm, she’d failed to notice until now. A strong but gentle hand nudged her jaw closed and she turned to Erik with fresh tears in her eyes.

“When did you do all this?”

“Today while you were chatting with Lizzie.” He cupped her cheek and caressed the soft skin with his thumb. “I wanted tonight to be perfect for you, mon amour. I wanted so desperately for you to say yes.”

“How could I say anything else when I’ve loved you for so long?” Moving to sit between his thighs, Alex lay with her back to his chest and admired the ruby and diamond ring. She sighed happily when his arms wrapped around her waist and held her in a gentle embrace. “It’s beautiful, Erik.”

“So are you, mon amour, so are you.” Happily exhausted, the couple slid down amongst the rose petals as sleep took them into its comforting embrace.


In the cold, stark hospital room of a maximum security federal penitentiary a male patient awaited his doctor’s routine visit with a little surprise of his own. As the man approached the bedside to read one of the monitors, the patient – supposedly in a drug-induced coma – grabbed him by the throat, wrestled the pen from his hand, and buried it several inches into the doctor’s left eye. He quickly removed the white coat before it could be stained with blood, grabbed the clipboard and ID badge and threw the doctor onto the cot. Whistling a jaunty tune, the patient waved to the tired guards at the door and bid them a good night before turning the corner and ducking into the supply closet. There, hidden behind a false wall, was the entrance to the tunnel that would lead him to freedom. And vengeance.

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