Monday, June 13, 2011

Chapter 38

Oct. 25 – 8:00pm

            Throwing caution to the wind, Alex reveled in Erik’s attentions. After dinner, they returned to the Music Room where he played one of the songs from his new opera, Don Juan Triumphant. The song was suggestive and enchanting and stirred all the feelings she’d been trying to suppress. Reading through the words, she felt her heart pound in her chest. This was going to be seduction on stage!
“Goodness, Erik! You’re going to have to give out fans or risk your audience members bursting into flames.” Alex handed the words back to him with a chuckle.
“Oh really?” Erik’s reply was accompanied by a slow, sensual smile which had her blushing to the roots of her hair. “Perhaps you’d like to hear the words?” Alex nodded eagerly having only heard him once and then as she was recovering from a terrible fever.
From the first angelic note that poured from his golden throat, she was captivated. Alex closed her eyes and the song became a physical thing caressing and luring her into its seductive embrace. She didn’t notice when Erik rose from the piano until he moved to stand behind her and run his hands lightly from her shoulders to her hands, lifting them up until she wrapped them around his neck. Back down her arms his talented fingers travelled and then further down her sides, barely brushing against the swell of her breasts. Alex arched her back like a cat and whimpered at his teasing touch. By the time the song was over, she was positively on fire with wanting him. Only when his voice faded away with the last words of the songs did Erik allow her to turn in his arms. Pulling his head down to hers urgently, Alex kissed him with all the passion and fire he’d stirred in her with his song. Erik pulled away and held out his hand; his amber eyes were molten orbs of desire that burned into hers with a question. Was she ready to pass the point of no return? Without hesitation, she laid her hand in his and quietly followed him up the stairs and into his bedroom.
Her heart pounded nervously when the door clicked shut behind them, bathing them in muted light. Watching her carefully, Erik led her to the large four poster bed draped in black and crimson sheer canopies. His eyes never left hers as he slowly lifted her shirt over her head and dropped it to the floor. Alex blushed faintly but fought her shy self-consciousness. His fingers lightly drifted across her skin, dipping teasingly in the valley between her breasts before continuing down to the waist band of her jeans. Erik smiled wickedly as he brought his hands lower, over the denim that covered her ass, and pulled her flush against his body. Alex’s moan at the hard evidence of his arousal made his blood boil and he nudged her hair aside to place a line of soft kisses along her neck and shoulder.
Desperate to touch him, Alex tore at the buttons on his shirt whimpering softly when her hands finally made contact with his warm, muscled chest. She kicked off her shoes as she pushed the shirt off his shoulders. Planting soft kisses along his chest, she tentatively licked one of his nipples. Erik hissed at the sensation and, encouraged, she nibbled and suckled it before moving to lavish her attention on the other. With a growl, her bra was quickly disposed of before he knelt to swiftly pull her jeans off her body. Planting a teasing kiss on the inside of her thigh, his fingers played along the band of her panties until she was begging him to remove them. Alex groaned in frustration when he kissed his way slowly up her body to capture one rock hard nipple with his lips. Rational thought flew out the window and all she knew was the feel of his mouth on her skin.
“Are you certain of this, ma petite chère?” His breath lazily drifted across the wet peak and she grasped his shoulders tightly to keep from collapsing at his feet. Licking his way to her other breast, Erik swirled his tongue around the hardened nipple as his fingers rolled and pinched the abandoned sensitive tip.
“Yes, God, Erik, yes.” Her hands fumbled with his belt, eager to have nothing between them.
Scooping her into his arms, he placed her in the center of the bed and marveled at this passionate young woman who was eager to be his. Quickly, he stripped off the rest of his clothes and crawled in bed beside her. Pulling her back against his chest, his hands slowly began exploring beneath the lacy panties that she still wore. Was there anything more beautiful than the woman he held in his arms? Any sound as sweet as her passionate cries?
“Alexandra,” he breathed her name like a prayer to a heathen goddess as he slid the bit of lace down her legs. “Are you sure? I won’t be able to stop, ma chère.”
Alex knew he’d asked her a question but what did questions matter when his lips were drifting lazily across her skin. How could she think of anything but his long, skillful fingers caressing their way down her body to tease the soft curls between her thighs and the treasure they hid? With a soft moan, Alex arched her back to rub against the hard shaft that lay nestled against the soft curve of her buttocks. Everywhere he touched was on fire; but instead of fearing the burn, Alex embraced and fanned the flames.
            “What do you want, ma petite?” His voice slid across her skin like the satin sheets upon which they lay. Erik planted small kisses and bites along her neck to her ear then back to her shoulder, covering every inch in between.
            “You!” Alex gasped as his fingers lightly caressed the soft folds hidden beneath the downy curls. Desperate for more, she grabbed his hand in hers and thrust her hips forward but he was much stronger. Erik chuckled softly against her neck as he kept his talented musician’s fingers hovering just beyond the ache between her legs. Biting back a scream of frustration, she growled, “Please…Erik, I need you. I want you, only you.”
            Rolling her beneath him, he grinned wickedly when she whimpered in anticipation. Slowly, ever so slowly, he lowered his head to capture one eager nipple between his lips as his fingers manipulated the other. Alex arched her back to press closer to him and raked her fingers up his back. As he teased and licked the hard peak, he watched her in awed amazement. She was so open, so passionate, so eager to belong to him. He could feel his self-control start to slip. He nipped her breast gently when she frantically arched her hips in search of fulfillment.
            “Not yet, ma chère.” His angelic voice was hoarse with his very earthly desire. “Patience.”
Alex nearly screamed in wanton frustration and told him what he could do with his patience. Chuckling softly, Erik captured her lips in a soul-stealing kiss as his hands slowly glided down her body to grab her hips. Rising only enough to gaze into her pale green eyes, he held her still as he slowly sank deep inside her. Alex wrapped her fingers around his arms and whispered his name on a shaky breath. Feeling her warm, wet tunnel surround his hard shaft ripped a groan of pure pleasure from his throat. God, she was incredible! Taking a few deep breaths while remaining still, he struggled to hold onto his self-control. His body was screaming to take her hard and fast but his mind and his…heart?...was begging him to go slow, draw out her pleasure. Their pleasure. Alex’s hands travelled over his chest, tracing every scar and memorizing every muscled curve. When her hands drifted lower to where their bodies were joined, Erik shuddered and began to move slowly inside her.
Caught in the glow of her eyes, Erik was filled with a sense of rightness and completion, like this was where he belonged. This was where he’d always belonged. He’d had lovers, he wasn’t a monk after all; but none, not even Christine, had managed to touch his very soul when they touched his body. As he watched her expressive eyes, he knew she felt the same deep connection. Was it love? He had vowed never again would he open himself up to that pain but he couldn’t deny that she spoke to something hidden inside him. Something he thought was long dead.
Alex was lost in the raging storm of emotions she could see in Erik’s molten gaze. She both wished and feared knowing what was going on behind his amber eyes. Giving him plenty of time to realize what she was doing, she eased the mask from his face and threw it to the floor. As their bodies danced to love’s duet, her fingers explored every inch of his beloved face. Tears formed in his golden eyes as she lovingly traced every scar, every remaining disfigured piece of flesh. When they spilled over to trickle down his cheeks, Alex pulled his face to hers to kiss each one away. Overcome, Erik pulled her close and buried his face in the soft curve of her neck. When they each found release, they felt the scars and wounds on their hearts start to heal.
Tu est incroyable, ma petite chère,” Erik whispered softly in awe as he raised up to drink in her quiet beauty. He tenderly caressed her face, brushing her hair from her brow. “Tu laisse mon coeur déborder de joie.”
“Erik…” Not understanding but loving the beautiful flow of the French words, Alex leaned forward for a soft kiss. “Erik, I…”
“Shhh…” pulling the sheets over them, he gathered her in his arms. “Tonight, let me hold you in my arms; tomorrow we shall talk, ma chère.” Relaxing in the warmth and security of his embrace, Alex easily fell asleep and dreamed of waking in his arms.

A/N: According to my high school French lessons and the online translators, the two phrases Erik says are:
  1. You are incredible, my little love.
  2. You fill my heart with joy.


  1. about the two french phrases.
    the first one is correct; the second one isn't. i know what you're trying to say : you fill my heart with happiness. also "vous" is normally plural, indicating several other people. you only use "vous" when addressing someone very politely.
    given the their current situation i think him saying :
    Tu laisse mon coeur déborder de joie (de vivre)
    you let my heart overflow with joy.

    "de joie de vivre" = joy of life, it's more commonly used in french and doesn't translate so easy.
    i know what you are trying to say using "renseigner" but the meaning of it is totally not what you meant it for and just feels out of place.

    (yes french is my second language ;-) english is only my third, with a bit of german on the side, you gotta love living in belgium LOL)

    hope i haven't stepped on any toes now, of to read the rest!

  2. Thank you for the (correct) translations! I've made the change so that it's correct :)