Saturday, July 9, 2011

One Love, One Lifetime - Ch 22

March 2

(from a newspaper clipping)

Only a day late, March 1st marked the premiere of Don Juan Triumphant the latest masterpiece from Erik Devereaux, owner and composer for the Metropolitan Opera and Ballet. If I had known of the spectacle of pure genius that awaited the audience, this reviewer would have been content to wait months if necessary. To say Mr. Devereaux has surpassed his own excellent compositions would be an immense understatement. The atmosphere of the piece is at once dark and seductive as well as cold with despair sprinkled with a bit of sunshine and joy. Your emotions will take a whirlwind rollercoaster ride as you watch the seduction of the fair Aminta, sung by the fabulous Katherine Davis former understudy of the late Carlotta Giudicelli née Carla Goldman, by the dastardly Don Juan. Davis, only 23, has proven to be quite a surprise with her pure soprano and effortless grace. Her youth served her well in portraying the innocent serving girl who catches the eye of the most notorious womanizer in all of Europe. Her initial resistance and then surrender to his practiced seduction was a masterful piece of acting. Franklin Delozier, the established leading tenor of the Metropolitan, had to have feared for his very life by the time he realized his love for the fair Aminta. By intermission, I truly hoped the actor was being protected by armed guards so great was the animosity towards the character. The declaration of his love for the young girl, and his sacrifice of his soul to save her from Death’s clutches, redeemed Don Juan in the eyes of more than just the audience. As the curtain fell, there were few who exited the theater with a dry eye; I can confess without shame that it was true for even this jaded reviewer.

The gala afterwards was a spectacle unto itself. The acclaimed composer attended with his lovely fiancée, Alexandra Roberts, upon his arm. When asked if he was working on a new composition, Mr. Devereaux stated that he would be taking a much needed sabbatical with his lady for a world tour. Neither would confirm or deny the rumors that a wedding date had been set for late autumn.



A/N: This ends the tale of Erik and Alexandra. As one of my first stories in many years, it was the first to demand to be written. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

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